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Guided by Intuition, Grounded by Science

Founder &

Spiritual Educator

Hi, I'm Summer Van Mun.

I've been helping people feel better for as long as I can remember while following my passions for healthy living, art and the divine connection to all that is.  I recently founded this ministry to serve women as they move through life's various transitions. We are here to make any big change from marriage and motherhood to divorce and loss, a movement where you learn to embrace your greatness, tap into your intuitive gifts and gracefully go towards a brighter future. 


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What have I been doing until now?

After high school I developed my artistic talents with scholarships arwarded from the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Columbus College of Art and Design.  I choose to leave art school early and became a professional artist in the SF Bay area. 

was living my dream but had a calling to serve people who were not feeling well.  My new interest led me to enroll in a pre med program at the University of Iowa.  As I prepared for medical school I realized my beliefs and appreciation for holistic health were not in alignment with our western medical model.  I left school and enrolled in the massage therapy program at the Hawaii Healing Arts College in Kailua, HI.  It was while I was in massage school that I became pregnant with my son.  This kindled on ongoing passion to serve women at this time in their lives.  I created a thriving massage practice that catered to pregnant women and geriatric clients.  

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.  With a desire to expand my offerings as I guided my clients on their healing journeys I became an ordained reverend with the Alliance of Divine Love, a reiki master, a holistic coach, a master herbalist and a shamanic practitioner. 


I dove into the power of intention and prayer and I found myself fascinated by the mind.  On a quest to deepen my knowledge I recently completed my bachelor's of science at UNF in psychology.

Love Your Body, Express With Art,

Connect to Your Soul

Purple Buds
Pregnant Woman
Pregnant Woman

Our Vision

To empower women with 

tools and support for self-care, 

opportunities to express and process their experience through artistic experiences,

and ways to honor the personal sacred connection to unconditional love and divine guidance.

Our Mission

Meet The Board


Bobbi Hollars

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Bobbi is an entrepreneur, educator and women's health advocate.  She provides doula and ceremonial services and facilitates events to promote community and spiritual growth for women through her agency, Shores of Avalon, in New Smyrna, FL. 


Summer Van Mun

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Summer is an ordained reverend with the Alliance of Divine Love, studied massage at Hawaii Healing Arts College, and received a B.S. in psychology from

The University of North Florida. 

She serves her community in Jacksonville, FL.


Jamie Satori

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Jamie is the Borderless Birth Worker passionately serving women as a midwife, doula and facilitating childbirth education and spiritual workshops globally.  Currently she resides in Costa Rica where she is studying midwifery.

Body, Art & Soul was conceptualized by the idea that true health begins with the acknowledgment of unconditional love for our bodies, opportunities to express our experience, and the innate ability we all possess to connect to divine source and receive guidance from our highest self.​

Body, Art and Soul is a 501-3c, non-profit ministry committed to assisting women and their families through transitions including (but not limited to) marriage, motherhood, divorce, and end of life.

Body, Art & Soul is here to help you fine-tune your relationship with your body

for optimal health,  introducing creative outlets for expression and relaxation,

and assist you in moving forward with ease and confidence towards a brighter future.

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