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The Full Story

Rev. SummerVan Mun LMT, BS, MH

Integrating Positive Psychology, Biofield Energy Work and Food Science 

to help you Shine Brighter and Feel Lighter

Happy Woman

My experience with Summer was transformative and profound. I was feeling stuck mentally, emotionally and physically and summer not only shed light on what was keeping me in that holding pattern but moved me through it and beyond to an incredibly positive space where I was able to reclaim domain over my life. Summer is uniquely gifted, insightful, loving and compassionate. She created a safe place for me to heal and I am so grateful! If you are stuck or are ready to move into higher place of living, spirituality and healing, she is THE GUIDE who can get you there.

Dr. Emily Glasser, Ponte Verdre, FL

Mercy Yardley, FL

Working with summer has been a great experience. From first contact she has been very enthusiastic and eager to get to work - its easy to see her passion in her work. She took a lot of effort to get to know my specific situation so that she could help me specifically. When she talks she's considerate caring and present. She has given me lots of great feedback, advice and possible solutions that are well tailored my specific needs and concerns. Thank you summer :)

Stephanie W., Jax, FL

"I booked an appointment with Summer. It was 90 minutes of exactly what I needed! Great guided meditation ... afterward I was floating on air. You will not be disappointed."

Lisa Evans, St. Augustine, FL

“Summer held space and traveled through the ethers to bring my body and mind back to balance. The guidance she channeled was specific to the issues I was going through and helped me clarify what I needed to do next. ”

The Very Beginning

I’ve always been an artist, ever since I was a child. The world was my canvas, and I translated my emotions, thoughts, and experiences into art. Yet, my passion had a price. My health began to waver, and I suspected my constant exposure to various art materials was the culprit. I knew something had to change. I needed to understand my own body and mind to find a way to heal myself. This realization set me on a path that would forever change my life.


I decided to study pre-med at the University of Iowa. I hoped that by understanding the human body at a biological level, I could figure out how to restore my health. However, something was missing. I craved a deeper, more holistic understanding of healing. This yearning led me to Hawaii, where I enrolled in a prestigious Healing Arts Academy.


In Hawaii, I was introduced to reiki and the concept of healing our energy body. This new knowledge fascinated me. Yet, it was a near-death experience that truly opened my eyes to the power of healing from within. This event propelled me towards the study of metaphysics and psychology. 


I moved to Florida and I was desperate to understand the miraculous healing I had experienced. I threw myself into every energy workshop I could find. Pranic Healing, Healing Touch, Craniosacral Therapy, even shamanic studies – I pursued all of them with unfettered enthusiasm.


In my quest for knowledge, I fell in love with plants and their incredible healing powers. I studied herbalism and aromatherapy, marveling at the wisdom of nature. I was led to a school right in my own town of Jacksonville that taught everything you would want to know about the healing power of plants called The Florida School of Holistic Health. My newfound passion for the mind-body connection inspired me to enroll at the University of North Florida. I studied psychology and neuroscience, eventually completing my bachelor's degree.


In my spiritual journey, I also became an ordained Reverend with the Alliance of Divine Love. I founded a ministry called Body, Art, and Soul with a mission to assist people in transition and to build stronger communities. I realized that my own journey of healing was not just for me, but for others who might be going through similar struggles.


Now, I am excited about my ability to heal others. I have gained so much insight, both personally and academically. I can't wait to use my knowledge to help others tap into their own healing powers. My journey as an artist may have been the catalyst for my health issues, but it also led me down a path of self-discovery, healing, and a desire to help others. I wouldn't change a thing.

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