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Exercising with Baby

Feel the relief as your body restores one breath at a time.  Increase circulation and range of motion as stress melts away.  

Massage and body  care. Spa body massage

Sink into the present moment and feel the tension melt away as you allow your body to revitalize and renew with every breath.

Image by Wes Hicks

Your thoughts float away as you melt into a relaxed state that balances your hormones and counteracts the negative effects of stress.  Combine the therapeutic benefits of massage with the science of epigenetics.  Guided meditaitons customized for you will optimize your well-being,  keep you feeling centered and focused on the positive.

Pregnant Woman

Revitalize tired muscles and find comfort as your body changes.  Sink into the present moment and feel the tension melt away.  Enjoy the rhthym of the massage or prepare your mind and body for birth with a guided meditaiton customized for you.  Take this opportnity to ask about comfort measures during labor.

Benefits of Massage

Investing in massage leads to good things.

  • Increase circulation

  • Increase healing response

  • Decrease pain

  • Increase immune response

  • Decrease stress

  • Improve body awareness

  • Increase range of motion

  • Decrease scar tissue

  • Improve self-image

  • Increase relaxation

Massage Therapy

Relaxation is a powerful fertility support.  

Relaxing activates your parasympathetic nervous system - the one that counteracts the negative effects of stress, balancing hormones and communicating to your body that it is in a safe secure environment ready to manifest a family.

Increased circulation means you, all your organs and baby are getting morre nutrients where they are needed.

Start benefiting today
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