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Guided by intuition, Grounded by science

Divine Connection

You know you are always connected to the divine source of love and all that is. You know the best way to nurture this connection is to go within.  A guide will accelarate your growth and can bring you back to your center when you are feeling lost or off course.  Summer Van Mun is here to illuminate your truth, amplify your voice and provide you with a stronger connection to the divinve source of unconditional love that radiates from within.

Affiliate of The Alliance of Divine Love
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Divine Connection


Deepen your spiritual practice and strengthen your divine connection with personalized steps aligned with the highest degree of love. 


Be the heroine of your journey.

Witnessing, validating, retelling and reshaping your stories allow you to take back your power and 

define your reality.



Look within your chakras to create more harmony and find the roots of patterns and chronic issues.

Shine Brighter, Feel Lighter

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We can feel weighed down, physically, mentally, emotionally.  Clearing heavy energies from our etheric field, homes and offices allows us to feel more peaceful, grounded and energetic.

Releasing these energies from your space can allow you to experience increased clarity, focus and well-being.

Shine brighter and feel lighter today.


Clear away negative energies stored in your energy field, body, and mind and release the ill feelings that accompany them. 

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Increase the feelings of peace and communion in your home. Clear your home of heavy or unwelcoming energies.


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An office with a positive energy flow may increase production, ease of communication and focus.

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