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Postpartum Pamper Session

Pamper Session


What will I doula for you?

  • One hour massage in your home

  • Sacred restoration bath is prepared after mom's massage (this can be substituted with a special shower bomb)

  • Dinner is prepared afterward while mom relaxes in her bath or takes a nap.

  • Limited childcare and housekeeping occur to allow mom to relax after her massage.


*Dinner options include a fresh roasted chicken, seasonal vegetables, and rice or a spaghetti dinner with fresh salad.  All ingredients will be the highest quality and organic when possible.


Both gluten free and vegan/vegetarian options are available on request.  If you have other food sensitivities/allergies substitutions can be made.

Mom will feel nurtured and restored after this visit.

Happy Family
Jogging with Stroller
Image by Thiago Cerqueira

Other common Inquiries

* Siblings?  No problem.  Childcare is extended to include one sibling.  

*If there is more than 1 sibling in the household a short phone interview is required previous to booking.  There will be an extra charge for children under 10 (beyond the newborn + one siblings). 


*No children outside the immediate family will be supervised without prior approval.  

*The mother is expected to stay home and relax during the duration of the session. Extenuating circumstances are considered.  If there is a special circumstance you are aware of just let me know and we can discuss it prior.

* Light Housekeeping includes:  some dishes,  a little laundry, putting toys away and general tidying up.

*If a chore requires special cleaning equipment (vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket) assume it is out of your doula's scope of practice.  Oh - and no heavy lifting.  Happy to do what needs to be done in a pinch but if you need a housekeeper I can give you a referral.


*The primary focus is on the mother, enabling her to relax and an opportunity to connect with her baby or restore her energy.  While I am there I am happy to provide guidance, advice and resources.

Image by Edward Cisneros
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