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Love Your Body

Be Your Body's Best Friend

Invest in your health and your baby's.  Give yourself time to unwind and allow your overworked muscles to relax and melt as you breath in an out relief while you increase the circulation to revitalize your tissues and aid your baby.  Feel your best. Experience the mind and body benefits of massage. 

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Pregnant Woman

Prenatal Massage


Prenatal massage is a way to promote well being for you and your baby.  Both will benefit from increased circulation and activating a relaxation response that counteracts the negative effects of stress.   


Book a single session or a package of twelve hours to use as you like throughout your pregnancy and beyond.  When you purchase a package of 12 hours you also receive a 12% discount.

Massage Doula


A massage doula has been speically trained to accomodate you through your birth journey.

Equipped with the tools to help you relax your body and mind feel supported from the beginning of your journey through your birth and enter your transition into motherhood with grace and ease.

Epigenetics, You, and Your Baby


The science behind epigenetics is both exciting and empowering.  Unlike the discovery of DNA strands that seem to dictate our future from how we look to how smart we to how likely we may be challenged with disease, epigenetics reveals that how our genes express themselves is truly dictated by our environment, and more importantly what we believe our environment to be.  Let's take advantage of this exciting discovery to optimize your well being during your massage by integrating a guided meditation customized specifically for you.  This time can be used to redirect toxic thoughts, promote positive thinking and support your ideal birth.

Massage during pregnancy not only makes a woman feel pampered but offers undeniable physical benefits as well. Massage can relieve fatigue, enhance sleep, and calm an active baby. Receive benefits throughout your pregnancy.


First Trimester

• Relieve headaches

• Help alleviate morning sickness

• Reduce fatigue


Second Trimester

• Alleviate backaches

• Relieve leg cramps Third Trimester

• Reduce swelling/edema

• Relieve pain from varicosities

• Enhance sleep

• Prepare pelvic muscles for birth process


During the entire term of the pregnancy, massage can stimulate blood flow, which may assist in the prevention of anemia. An increase in muscle tone and flexibility will occur, alleviating leg cramps and muscle spasms.

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