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Therapeutic Massage

Summer Van Mun has been a licensed therapist for over 20 years. She accomplished her training at The Hawaii Healing Arts College in Kailua, HI.

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Head Massage

Take Time To Unwind

Massage therapy benefits go beyond your muscles. Reduce the effects of stress, release stored trauma from your body, and optimize your health and more all in the same hour of passive self care.

Benefits of Massage
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Summer Van Mun has dedicated her life to cultivating spiritual awareness and helping others live authentically from the soul. She is a highly respected transformational teacher, ordained minister, and certified holistic coach, as well as a published writer and professional artist. Through Body, Art and Soul she offers insightful courses that enable individuals to take charge of their lives through conscious living practices, connecting with nature, guided meditations, bio-field energy healing and inspiration for self-expression. Her workshops offer unique perspectives on how to look deeper into what drives our beliefs systems; allowing us to move with more ease and grace towards greater alignment between heart's desire & expression of joy!

Energy Healing







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Spiritual Counseling




Strengthen your personal divine connection, clearing energetic blocks and empowering you to move forward with greater ease and more confidence. Create the life you desire and deserve.

Summer Van Mun integrates  positive psychology tools with healing energy techniques to guide you deeper into self-understanding.  Recognize your gifts and live a fuller life based on love your personal truth.


YourWedding        Your Way

It's your special day. Celebrate in a way that reflects your values and beliefs.

Your wedding will be filled with memorable moments you will want to remember forever. Make sure you spend the time to create the vows that state your dreams, declare the contract that you want to make with your partner and honor the sacred spiritual relationship you have cultivated with the Divine. 


If you can't find the right words I am here to help you customize your ceremony to feel just right for your unique union. 

Family Celebrating New Year

Celebrate your life

Weddings aren't the only occassion to gather family and friends

Customized sacred ceremonies such as vow renewals, or vow redos, baby blessings, maiden to mother, croning and life celebrations create memories and acknowledgment for the changes that have occurred and the accomplishments made.

Together we can create a momentous event that you will cherish for many years to come. 


Rev. Summer Van Mun hopes her organization can bring more meaning into people's lives by offering them opportunities to come together which respect all beliefs from every religion or background.

Find out how good you can feel, book a consult today!


  • Increased Well-Being

  • Increased Peace of Mind

  • Self-empowerment

  • Validation of feelings 

  • Sacred Space for Transition and Change

Every session is customized to meet your personal goals and address your needs.

Reverend Summer Van Mun, has over 20 years of experience in the healing arts and is equipped with the skills and knowledge to increase your body's innate healing power and assist you in moving forward with more grace and comfort.


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