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Spiritual Counsel

I'm here to help you breathe deep, shine a bright light

so you can find your center,

and help you take the next step.

Women Practicing Yoga

How it works

Every session starts with you addressing your goals and intentions.  A combination of positive psychology tools, energy healing modalities and divine guidance are integrated to offer you a holistic alternative to other therapies.


Divining tools, such as oracle cards, runes, tea leaves, are used to reveal alternative perspectives on your situation.  The highest degree of love is channeled to provide guidance on the best way to move forward to create more grace and opportunity. 

Mother's Hug

Spiritual Counsel

Tell your story in a sacred space.  Receive guidance on the best ways to empower your inner healer and ways to strengthen your personal and unique connection to divine source energy.  Feel supported on your path to higher consciousness.

Happy Couple

Connect to Your Soul

Little Girl Praying


Body, Art and Soul honors the light within each one of us as our personal sacred connnection to source.  

In our complicated world purpose and reason can be ellusive. 

Body, Art and Soul offers multiple ways to nurture your personal connection to  divine source so you can shine brighter and feel lighter.

Body, Art and Soul is a non-denominational ministry affiliated with the Alliance of Divine Love.

Love connects us, defines us and completes us. 



"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom"


Dive into your own deeps.

From guided meditations to soulful art journeys Body, Art and Soul has offerings to guide you back to your center.

Rock Balancing
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