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Spiritual Counseling vs. Mental Health Counseling: What's the difference? Is one better for me?

When we are feeling lost, overwhelmed, or unsure of how to cope with feelings or get out of a toxic cycle of behavior, therapy or counseling is recommended.

The world of health care can seem daunting to anyone who needs to help with their physical or mental health. There is the traditional western medical approach that has a specialist for every body part and organ and the holistic approach, having little structure in the US, with a broad spectrum of a variety of practitioners from hypnotherapists to chiropractors, all of which claim to be able to help most ailments.

The traditional role of medicine can be comforting as there are strict protocols for every diagnosis in place. Any health care provider that is licensed is tested on the protocols in their field and agrees to carry them out. While all professionals are able to practice within a scope that allows for personal variation the procedures should maintain consistency. Consistency is the foundation of good science after all. Mental health counselors are trained to carry out specific protocols based on a diagnosis. While all of them will have their own way of doing things they are trained to offer services that will be in alignment with the treatment based on your diagnosis.

If you are looking for a Holistic Approach or a stronger connection to your individual truth, Spiritual Counseling may be for you. Having a strong connection to God, Allah, (or the nameless one known by a thousand names) in a religious or spiritual way is not necessary to receive the benefits of your session. Spiritual counseling honors your individual belief system and builds on your unique strengths. No diagnosis is provided or utilized. Every session with your spiritual counselor is confidential and customized to your specific energy body.

Your spiritual counselor (Reverend) is certified and trained to channel the Highest Degree of Love during your session. Every session is based on the client's current circumstances and desires. The intention is set and Sacred Space is held. Talk therapy, and other positive psychology tools (such as changing your story, mindfulness, guided imagery, meditation) are integrated with channeled messages and biofield therapies.

The guidance you receive will help you navigate through your challenges by providing you with tools to alchemize old patterns and rapidly embrace new ways of being.

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