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Where will love lead?

We all want it. Whether we proclaim our need for love and express it openly or hide it under a cynical facade, love is a human need. Love evokes desire and complaint equally. Many Songs coo about longing and lust or crow over heartbreaks.As real and profound as our need for food and shelter our survival depends on the acceptance of our tribe and being nurtured by at least one sympathetic soul.

Love is a word that implies connection. We all have our own expectations of what will happen when we find love. They run deep through our unconscious shaping our the reality of our relationships. Love is a dance of these expectations. Who we believe our partners should be, who they are and our beliefs of what should come next. When our lovers, friends and family comply to the expectations we hold, known or unknown, we are happy and feel fulfilled. When our love expectations have been shattered we can spiral into despair.

When we feel loved we imagine that our special light has been seen and that someone has discovered how special we are, that they see us as different from everyone else. We become validated through the eyes of love. However when this love ends many times we feel more lost and alone than before. As though the person who took their love away, also took the very essence from our being, that attracted them to us in the first place.

Love is definitely all that inspires desire. Love should be fun and the contain bliss that comes with sharing enjoyable experiences. Love is a full spectrum of experiences from holding a baby and feeling it's precious vulnerability in your arms to being wrapped in the arms and legs of your lover. You can love the earth, the sun, the rain and all the animals that walk upon the plains. However love is even deeper than the things that bring pleasant feelings and wonder into our lives. Love has many facets.

To say that we love someone or something when things are going our way is the easy side of love. Love is also there waiting in the shadows begging to be remembered through our disappointments and sorrows. Remembering the love we proclaimed for someone who falls out of favor requires grace and compassion. Forgiveness produces a love vibration even more uplifting and powerful than the frequency of love when everything is working out right. It is love that allows us to be patient with an upset and unreasonable child. It is love that offers us grace to move through conflicts and confrontations.

Love’s only desire is for joy to live in the hearts and minds of all parties in the best way possible. Love provides the pathway that allows us to find the compromises where all are heard, honored and acknowledged in what happens next.

Love’s only partner is devotion. The way we shape our lives around the needs of our beloveds and how we support their callings is the show of our devotion. The healthy practices we engage in on a daily basis displays the love we have for our bodies. The love we have for our core values can call us to action as we align ourselves to do the right thing for our communities. Our devotion musters up courage in the face of fear.

When we attune our inner compasses and set Love as our north we will be guided on the path of the highest good for all. We are unable to come from two different perspectives simultaneously. This means we can not be in both love and fear at the same time.By continuously choosing to come from a place of love we can extinguish the fears of any situation. When we shed the light of love on circumstances we can take risks that will lead us to glory and proceed to complete any task with a light heart. When we choose to love in the best way possible even when we are faced with the impossible our hearts open, our ears perk up, our vision clears and we are able to be touched by the grace to have the patience to truly listen and have compassion for others. Love highlights our commonalities lowering the divides between our personalities.

When you let love become your North Star peace and joy are never far.

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